It’s Frickin’ Cold!!!!!

Waking up, sloooooowwwly. Pulling out one arm from under the blanket…OMG, it’s cold! Trying not to think any further, switching mode to auto pilot. Moving quickly into the kitchen to revive my carcass with some fresh, HOT coffee! Mmmmmh….better!

I take a look out my kitchen window and see a beautiful sight. Blue sky, the sun is shining, all the trees and bushes and grass are white with frost….Beautiful! Preparing myself mentally to have a look at the thermometer!

– 20.2°C 


Well, that is just wonderful! Positive thinking…..umm, I guess it could have been colder, so minus 20 is still good.

At lunch time I am supposed to meet my friend at the stable for some quality time with our horses. Hahahahahahaha….“quality time”….at -20°C. Starts to sound a bit funny to me.

I start to wonder what my baby would think about being loaded into the horse trailer, come home to me and we have some “quality time” on the couch………………yeah, maybe not!

I better get cracking, I only have 90 minutes left to put all the different layers of clothes on.

‘Til later folks!


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