Let’s See…

 …what we can come up with today!

I know, normally you should have a plan ready, you should know what you want to do with your horse before you come to the stable.

Somehow I just feel that this doesn’t work out all the time. For me, it has to do a bit more with feel.

When I come to the stable, I check on my horse in the pasture. I try to check, how he reacts on me that day.

Is he forward coming and greets me ? Is he looking at me, turns his butt to me and walks the other direction?

How does he behave when I pick him up from the pasture, to lead him to the stable ?

Is he completely relaxed when I brush him or is he maybe trying to push me around?

I don’t know these things before I come to him and see him. Of course, I have a kind of “wish list” in the back of my head. Like, today I would like to ride out or, today I would like to do some trail work in the indoor arena. But when it doesn’t feel right to me, I need to be able to skip those wishes and go with the flow.

If my horse is pushing on me, is behaving disrespectful towards me, I will not get on him to ride out. 

Why? Because I don’t want to set us both up for failure. If I feel, that my little shrimp wants to challenge me today, I will take out the rope halter and my long lead rope and do some ground work with him, just to remind him that I am still the lead mare in our relationship and he is still no.2.

If he is relaxed and balanced, I will take that ride through the forest and over open fields and reward him with some quality time.

So, let’s see what I am going to find in the pasture today! 🙂

See you later, folks!

 First winter at Näs Gård
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