Memories from Our Fist Summer!

It was a beautiful summer! Not that we had the best weather, nope, but it was my first summer together with my own horse! It was our first summer to bond, to learn a lot about ourselves, about each other and stuff in general.

20120519_Barley grazing at Manuela Witt Clinic
We got to know each other better and were even able to enjoy ourselves a bit.
In March (not really summer, but hey, who’s judging!) we went to our first clinic together. It was for the same instructor, Manuela Witt, as the one I first met Barley.
Manuela Witt Clinic March 2012
There was a photographer, Mi Ritzen, who took pictures of us during lessons and whenever she felt, she could capture a special moment. I am so happy that Mi was there to keep the memory to vivid. And it feels like she had fun to.  This is what I got from her.
Barley and I_Manuela Witt Clinic March 2012
And this
She captured the absolute essence of how I felt! Of course I am not a rich person! All who own horses know that you can be rich and own a horse at the same time!
But in my heart I felt like the richest person EVER!
This horrible picture is from the second clinic. Why I look all soggy? Because Barley had just taken me over 13 gallop poles (means 13 poles in a row with 2 meter in between). I was (am) the absolute greenhorn in that group, with the youngest horse. All other riders and horses were more experienced and there were even those among them, who thought that this exercise would be to difficult for them. I wasn’t even sure that Barley and I would survive this exercise, but we did! And I was convinced that I have the best horse in the world, for real!!!! So emotions were quite high!
That was also the last clinic with the saddle I had bought. Just 6 months after I had purchase my first saddle, he had grown out of it.
I take it as a good sign, because there must have been something I did right when he is growing, right?
So out with the old…
Rocking R Trail Flex.4
and in with the (even more expensive) new one! The Bob’s Custom TG Supreme Ladies Reiner
Bob's Custom
That summer, I was the poorest richest person in this world! And I am still!
And I am totally fine by it!
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