Snow Race!

Yesterday I decided it was time to ride out alone again. Just to make sure that Shrimp is still comfortable with going out into “The Wild” (uuhuuuuu) without the flock. Yeah I know, I am a horrible, horrible person to take my 4 ½-years old horse on a ride alone and all by himself, completely and utterly alone, but I consider it a treat to be able to do so. Well, the non-horsy flock, Boyfriend and Dog, accompanied us on the short walk around the farm. At least Barley didn’t cry out for help to his buddies this time.

When we met the snow plow though, I decided, that it was maybe not for the best to push him any further. The small version of Clinton Anderson in my head told me once more, to set the ride up for success and not for failure. I thought it was enough, that he followed the


(Barley’s perspective!) with a save distance between us, without questioning my intention to go into the same direction. Next time we might get a little closer, sure looks like the plow-guy won’t be out of job for some time to come…..

Barley was relaxed, concentrated and seemed to be overall happy to get out. Although I’m pretty tired of the snow by now, it’s still to be considered a great training tool so I put him into the deep end of it and let him stretch out. Oh’ boy, it’s major fun every single time!

So good to have a non-horsy flock member with a mobile phone with you occasionally!!

Take care and have fun while you can!

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