Through Good And Bad Times…

…in sickness and in health!

It is not a question of ‘IF’, it’s only a question of ‘WHEN’ and ‘HOW BAD’

That is nothing new, I suppose, for somebody who owns a horse. We all know, how quick something happens…like it did some time ago for me. I just wanted to film Barley, when we were working on liberty, and everything happened so fast, I couldn’t say a word.

What to do, what to do, what to do ?!?!?!

I felt the next day, that he was a bit stiff, so I did, once again, what my gut told me. Don’t just let him stand in his box, let him move on his own conditions, without pressure and….get the best equine therapist in the country (literally!).

Monika Ledin. My friend tipped me off and I was more than happy that we got an appointment just a couple of days later.

First we went to the small indoor arena, were I walked with him and lounged him in the trot on both sides so that Monika could have a good look at him.

10 minutes later,there we were….my back aching for weeks already, knots in my muscles all over my back from work and my horse gets a massage…I know, right!? Sometimes it’s very easy to get your priorities in order.

Monika worked him until his muscles on the right side (the side he fell on) started to get a bit softer again and he even got a laser treatment. That seemed to be very effective, because he started stepping around quite a bit.

The next day he was already a lot better. As said before, he was really lucky. Barley had a minor swelling on the right back muscle, otherwise he was fine.

Of course I took the chance of having a professional at my disposal. I was just honest with her and told her, that Barley is my first horse, that I am a complete greenhorn and that I actually don’t know what I am doing so, if she could just give me a feedback on his overall condition and maybe some tips about what to look out for.

I was prepared for everything, things like, his muscles are uneven due to wrong training, he is too fat (I have his body condition scoring on a six right now, since I thought, that he maybe could use it when we have -20° to -30°C in January again), he looks to weak for his age…you know, things like that.

Instead she just said: “For someone, who doesn’t know what she’s doing, he is looking very well. I can only wish  that some more horse owners would have so healthy looking and well behaved horses”

Woooah, I wasn’t prepared for that, I can tell you, but it sooooo made my day (and maybe a couple of more days)!

Since then we had some lounging, some nice walks outside and a lot of flexing, bending, stretching and softening (exactly as Monica showed me) and I am very happy to report, that he was soft like a feather today. Downside of this was, that he was so good and did everything I asked him for, that I had to get off him after 20 minutes and reward him, but it felt right!

So, I guess for the time being, we just continue as we did!

Now we will enjoy the good, healthy times for a bit!

Hugs and kisses from a very happy cowgirl!

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