Summer Is Here….I Know It!

It is summer, I am sure of it.

There are so many signs of it!


The moose is back!


Dog sleeps as many hours as Cat….the only different being that Dog is in the shadows and Cat is in the sun!


Our friends arrive every evening at about the same time to fill their bellies before they go to sleep!

We have an open invitation that will not get withdrawn as long as they keep away from the planted flowers.

The deal works so far amazingly well !


Daddy keeps more to himself…


There are bugs everywhere….but we normally tend to disregard each others existence.


And Barley is daydreaming about stuff….like this cute little pony girl in the pasture opposite his,

so close and yet so far away!


Let’s hope that the evening will come soon and bring some relief from the heat.


Until later, folks!

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