My Life ain’t so shabby after all!

Today was just great! Well, I sat most of the time in front of my computer, trying to figure out how to format this blog.

Guess I am getting there, it just took a while, but I am starting to feel comfy with it!

At about 4 pm I had gathered enough strength and self-esteem to change from my jammies into my riding outfit, which is not more than my jeans, my boots and my t-shirt,

but sometimes it costs a little more energy than usual.

The boots are not that old and used to look something like this…

new boots

I have them now for about two months and I don’t know how it happens, but now they look more like this.


But comfy they are!

So in the late afternoon we arrived at the stable and today it was actually quite nice! We had a lot of sunshine but we didn’t get

the expected heat wave. The wind was blowing which also kept the horse flies at bay and the horses were not so tired

as they used to be the past couple of days. Except for Barley of course, who I think was hiding in the grass.

20130721_Barley hiding in grass

Boyfriend and I could tell that he hadn’t been moving a lot during the day because there were a lot of white pricks on

his back from our newly declared ENEMY NO.1.1 (yeah I know, Enemy No. 1.1 is no typo because Enemy No. 1.0 are still the horse flies!)


This little fella…


and this one too! Cocky as hell because they know that they will get away with it, having family gatherings on Barley’s

back. In the afternoon it looked like the birdie birds had had a Union meeting on the back of my poor shrimp and lightened their hearts (read: stomachs)

and lifted  their burden over to the horses instead! Uuuugh!

Yes, they are cute, I admit, but there is a fine line between being cute and being a pest!

And they build there nests in the weirdest of places, for example in the hay fans.


Doesn’t look to me like the most cozy place in town, but hey, (as the old Swedish saying says) tastes are like butt cheeks….divided!

After Boyfriend had pulled the Shrimp out of the pasture I put him into his new box which he just moved in to yesterday.

A light one with an own window and next to the doors, so that he hopefully won’t have so much trouble with all the dust in the stable anymore.

The first thing he did was looking out HIS very own window, of course!


Charming, isn’t it!

Don’t want to be a teaser, but the story about the ride incl. a Harley Davidson and motorcross machines or crossmotor machines or whatever these darn things

are called that sound like hell broke loose…will be told tomorrow.

Now it’s time for the Good-Night-Pee-Walk as long as there is a little bit of sun left!

20130721_Evening sun

Bambi is already waiting for us outside the kitchen window.


Don’t get confused, Dog needs to pee, not Bambi, Bambi will jump away as soon as I open the door!

Night folks!

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