Motocross Machines It Is!

Alright,  I looked it up on Google! Motocross machines are the ones that you can hear from miles away and make my horse want to catapult me into oblivion!

You never know where they are or if they are really coming your way or not!

Two days ago we were out on a ride with “A” and “M”. M on her new horse, a five year old Thoroughbred that was so laid back and cool, I wasn’t sure if he is really just five years old!

He seemed to be bomb-proof! I think Barley is already quite relaxed for his age and has good nerves, but M’s little fella was so quiet, it’s even hard for me to describe!

So we went off, first around the pasture with the stallions. Every time somebody is riding past their pasture they come jogging right up to you and follow you as far as they can.

Sometimes they start to show off and I think that they do this on purpose. They start fooling around, biting each other, jumping each other, standing on their hinds and wave their hooves around.  Really wild things, these stallions! So lovely to see them act so natural!


Then we left the premises and headed to the sand pit.

In order to get to the “sand pit” (a little snug in valley in the forest where some tires and stems build some obstacles and the paths up the surrounding hills deliver the perfect horse gym!), we had to go a couple hundred meters along the road and BOOM! two Motocross came up behind us!

I didn’t even had enough time to dismount. The only thing I could think of was to get him off the asphalt to minimize the risk of slipping. I turned my little hysterical Shrimp into the direction they were coming from and tried to calm him down. Not really succesfully though. Normally I relax, make sure I don’t pull on the reins, pet him on his neck and talk to him whenever I feel that he is getting uncomfortable and it seems to work fine. I get through to him just enough to make him stand still and observe. This time, however, he wasn’t able to listen at all. Thankfully not much happened, he galloped a few meters as they were right beside him and then he galloped on the spot, but as soon as the motocross thingies had passed, he relaxed again. He really didn’t like them. So what I would need is somebody to drive around us (all day if it must) with a motocross until he falls asleep!


Well, we will figure this out somehow. Ok, so we survived…again. Nobody got hurt, just our mood turned a little sour on the bikers that just kept going after seeing that our horses clearly were afraid of their machines.

We were just about to turn into the dust road down to the sand pit when we heard another sound. This one was not the high pitched sound of motocross machines, this one was a much deeper, bubbling sound that is unmistakable! A Harley Davidson!


We still couldn’t see it, we just heard it, it came from beyond the turn further down the road. So we tried to bring our horses onto a patch of grass beside the road where me might have some space to act in case our horses got “uncomfortable” again.


The Harley turned the corner and came into sight. All our horses heads came up but they stood still!

It was a HUGE BLACK ONE – pardon if my this description is a bit too technical for you!

The guy on the Harley saw us, moved slowly over to the side of the narrow road and turned off his machine!

We almost couldn’t believe it! He motioned us to come forward and we all passed his beautiful, polished Harley with lots of chrome on it, every single one of us expressing our gratitude.

Thank you so much for doing this, we really appreciate it!! Really kind of you!

He smiled at us and answered:

Ah, don’t mention it. Everybody can try to be nice. Just let me know when I can start again!

Barley and I were last, so went another 5 meters past his machine, I turned Barley to face it and relaxed, petting his neck!

OK, now you can start!

He started his engine and Barley didn’t even flinch at this loud, bubbly sound. A’s and M’s also stood perfectly still a few meters down the road.

Then he slowly started roling up the hill. Our HERO of the day!

From one moment to the other, out moods were not sour anymore. Think how much a small gesture can change somebodies day! For the Harley Man it didn’t seem

to be that big of a deal to stop and turn off his engine (although we wouldn’t even have asked for that!) but for us and our horses (safety) it was huge!

Hope you all met somebody nice today!

If not, be nice to somebody, it will make your day richer as well!

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