And We Are Back In Business!

Oh, this feels so good! We had our first training this year for my trainer Mia. It was nice to hear her comments on Barley’s condition!

After all we have been through it is nice to hear that he is looking good! His coat is shining and he is round but not fat

I started him three weeks ago with walks and trots and because I felt that his gaits had changed so much I wanted my trainer to have a look and tell me what he needs next. I almost couldn’t believe it, the first time we were outside and took a short trot, he clunked a lot into his front hooves, so now I have to ride him with bell boots!

He feels more loose in his steps and has a wonderful forward movement. Shrimp is now using his whole body to move but is still soft in his strides and that just feels amazing!

Mia made us do some bending excercises and two track to reveal what needs to be done. I was not suprised to hear that he was stiff like a steel cabinet in his ribs. It was much harder to bend him around my leg, but… no stress, we will get there.

We also got a great exercise for his hint, that makes him stretch his hind legs under his belly, makes him cross over and strengthens his hint for the lope. Barley was amazing, it must have been very difficult for him, but he just loves a challenge! It’s wonderful to have a horse that likes to work and really wants to get everything right, I would even go further and say that he is the perfectionist of us two. I was also glad to hear that I have developed a good seat and my hands have finally come to a rest. I was anxious to hear that I might have acquired some bad habbits during my “unsupervised” time of riding, so a huge weight was actually lifted from me when I got Mia’s confirmation of the opposite. I am now riding for two years and I am green as can be, but I try to work hard by constantly reminding myself of all the good advice. Sit on your butt, legs not too much forward, have a straight line from your shoulder to your hip to your heal, hands low and soft, don’t look down on your horse, look where you are going instead, feel the horse under you etc.

There are a lot of voices in my head when I ride and this is really because I almost feel bad about Barley ending up with me. I feel that I have to be really, really good because he is so kind and gentle and deserves a good rider so I have to be that for him! Unfortunately I don’t always achieve it, but I try hard and even harder to be at my best when I ride him. That is my obligation to him for ending up with a greenhorn! 


Gosh, I love this horse ! 😀

C ya ’round!

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