The Rain is here!


Finally! About 11 am it started raining. Since then it has come down in a thick, grey coat of rain drops. By now big puddles are forming and it feels like that Nature is sending out a happy sigh of relief. The indoor arena is packed with all that riders that ‘have’ to ride their horses today. I figured, since we have been working out the past three days both in the arena and on the trail, he can have a free day. Barley was soaking wet anyways because I don’t think he needs a blanket when it’s 17ºC warm.

He and his buddy Ragge stood in the far corner of the pasture when B and I arrived to pick them up. No stepping around at the entry, no running towards to express how happy they were to see us. Nope! They just stood there and waited until we reached them. That is always quite a good sign that they don’t feel bothered by anything.

This means of course that I am sitting now at home and don’t really know what to do with myself.

Uh uh, I am not starting to clean anything! Forget it! I am not that desperate. Don’t worry, I will find something else to keep me occupied!

C ya’round!

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2 Responses to The Rain is here!

  1. magreenlee says:

    Yeah, messing around on the internet is a great thing to do on rainy days!

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