Living it!

My summer vacation is over. Four weeks might seem long to anybody out there, but I can tell you, they pass much quicker than you can say ‘I finally start to relax’. But they were great. I am not a person that travels during my vacation. I used to travel a lot for business, so my understanding of vacation is to NOT have to pack any suitcase. I want to be at the stables, with my horse. THAT is vacation! Trail rides, mocking, cuddling with Barley, talking to friends at the stables, sit in the sun and look at others riding their horses or simply sit in the pasture with Barley and watch him being a horse!



It’s so nice to be in the saddle again. You first start to realize it, when you are actually sitting on your horse again. You take this deep breath in and suddenly you feel complete! This is such a wonderful feeling and hard to describe.

Two days ago the farrier was at the stable and trimmed his feet and put on new shoes. Only six weeks had passed but his hooves are growing incredibly fast, so four weeks is normally the limit. My farrier had however managed to get a hairline fracture in his hand so I had to find another farrier who was able to take him right away. And I did! Whoop whoop!

The weather is somewhat unstable right now. The weather forecast is changing once an hour and somehow the weather is still not what they predict. Luckily I have got my oilskin overcoat home I had ordered. Feels good to be able to go on a trail ride, not caring if it’s going to rain or not.

The days of riding out in a t-shirt are definetely over, as far as I am concerned! I don’t really know what it is, but 23°C don’t feel the same anymore as they did in July.


Always keen to lend a helping hand….or mouth.

Yesterday evening I was out with S. and her gorgeous 7-year-old Swedish Halvblod Dressage horse. She hasn’t owned him that long yet and suspects that he has not been trail ridden that often. Her goal for him is to be able to enjoy a trail ride, which is not the case at the moment. He is not that frightened, spooky horse, rather the curious, brave hearted type which makes things much easier, but still, some tention in the beginning can be detected, but damn, he is cute. He has such a charming face, you just want to pinch his cheeks and kiss him!

S. has a nickname for him as well (who doesn’t) she calls him “Moose”, because he is quite tall, about 170cm (although I think he looks like at least 180cm….). Naturally Barley was walking a little slower with his short Quarter legs than Moose did.

In the forest on a narrow path, Moose was a “little” up his butt, he was so close that he drewled on Barley’s butt. Barley didn’t bother that at all, he just kept walking, head low, one ear forward, one ear tuned in to me. Loved that, I think it is awesome that he can be that confident.

We walked the most of the ride, giving Moose the chance to get calmer and relaxed and he was SUCH a good boy. After just 10-15 minutes he started to lower his head a little and was more curious about where we would go next.

S. and me happy as can be, talking and laughing all the way, enjoying ourselves, the warm evening breeze, the sun and the late summer smells in the air on the back of our horses. Not too shabby, aye!

That’s what I call living!


What’s he looking at???

Have you been living lately?

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