Taking a break

Yes, we are back, but we still do it slowly. Long rides outside on the trail, alone and with others. The past couple of days he was very tired and A. thinks that he might have some pain and that he’s growing again. So he got two days off. Well, that was the plan. It was more one day, on which he got a shower, still, that counts, right?
The second day he was supposed to go 30 minutes in (drumroll….) ‘THE MACHINE’


After 10 minutes A. came around and talked me over to ride out with her. Well, it did not take too much persuation, 5 minutes later I was in the saddle and we took a walk around the premisses. Our boyfriends right behind us with Dog…oh, imagine this picture, dripping of cliché. Poor guys, hihihi! At the end my little shrimp was tired but happy, jawning and blowing out and very happy about the apple he found in his box.


Got this picture from the personnel the other morning. While all the other horses were on their way out, he took another power nap.

Can a horse really be that cool????

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