Driving and balance leg

Where has the time gone? 4 weeks ago I started working again and with work during the day and stable in the evening, my days are filled and seem to rush past me like a high-speed train. Many things happened again, so this will be my brain excercise for the day, to squeeze out my memory like an orange…ish thing, well, you know.

I wanted to give some more input from our first training with M. during my vacation. I finally managed to upload the videos me beloved and trusted assistent (read: Boyfriend) took during the session.

As you might recall, after three months off, Barley was stiff as a plasterboard and I needed the tools to fix that again. I wanted M. to check up on us and tells us what we need, because, as stated before, I have no clue! Asking someone who knows,I figured, is the best thing to do in those cases of utter-non-awareness.

After his 12-weeks-break I tried to start him up again, but I was too kind…again. This is something I tend to fall back into, because I still can’t determin how much is too little, too much or just good enough.  When I “bent” him, it was more like his neck came half way round and that’s it. When M. made me bend him, it was a complete different picture. He really had to come around, not only bending his neck, but his ripcage as well, setting his hind legs deep under himself to be able to cross them. Aha-moment! So this is how it should look and feel like when we are actually bending. Great, yet another lesson learned.

We also got a wonderful excercise to strengthen his back and his driving- and balance-leg. Barley has a problem with the right-lead lope, he is not strong enough to pick up the right lead easily. Fortunately M. had just the right excercise for us again, she set out two cavaletti blocks, about 5 meters apart from each other. The left one seen from my point of view (No.1), I had to circle in a left volt, the nose tipped to the block, the left leg pushing the hind legs to create a circle around the block so that driving leg had to stretch under the belly, creating a 360° turn around the block.

That was a real tough one, for me to find out exactly what I need to do to make him understand what he is supposed to do. The stand still does show that we got it right sometimes…BEHOLD…the perfect two-track, shezaaaam, hihihi! Oh, I am so proud of my little shrimp!

Driving leg excercise

Driving leg excercise

After taking care of the driving leg with the left circle exercise, we went over to the right block (No.2) and made a right circle around it, my left leg (now outer leg) keeping his hind legs in, so that his balance leg was close to the block at all times and he had to stretch the balance leg under the belly. The goal was to have the balance leg on the ground as long as possible.

This one was easier to execute but was surely as demanding for Barley as the other excercise.

Balance leg excercise

It was a great workout that M. gave us and I was very much pleased with his performance that afternoon! He really earned the shower and massage that followed and seemed to be quite pleased with himself as well!

The next day he had a rest day, which means a 45-minute walk around the premisses.

But after rest comes workout again, or how does the old saying go again, hihi.

By the way, fall is here! The one “fall” that turns the leaves golden and brings fog in the mornings and evenings and the other “fall” that breaks a knee….that report will come as well.

Here a picture about the first “fall”…with the fog that is and some cranes, the flying kind…!

Cranes in the morning

So long, folks!

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2 Responses to Driving and balance leg

  1. magreenlee says:

    Gosh I hope you didn’t fall and break a knee!
    You are making great progress with Barley. Will you be able to keep riding all winter?

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