Hi Y’all,

what shall I say, our rollercoaster ride is still on. BIG time!

We trained, travelled, trained, rested, tried again, succeeded, tried some more, failed, worried, hoped, changed, got insured, healed, expanded our horizon, relaxed…. It’s always hard to come back after such a long time and try to recapture every moment just from memory.



My last post was in October 2013. A lot has happened since then and a friend of mine reminded me yesterday that I should rather write a diary. Short notes that help to remember each ride, to be able to reflect afterwards about all the small things that might not look important, but that might turn out to be important later on.



So, let’s see if I am able to keep this up 😀 I will try, but let’s see how much I remember from the past months.

First of all, sorry for the poor quality of some pictures, but I assume that, like the most of you, you don’t run around with a professional camera around your neck at all times either. What I do have though (or my DOH…’desperate other half’), is a mobile phone. Of course our mobiles are the first choice for capturing ‘that moment’ and sometimes the quality is not the best, but sometimes we also get lucky!

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

Anywho, I just love this picture. My little shrimp is a special breed, equinus curious, he normally knows that he is allowed to stick out the neck, but the hooves are supposed to be inside of the box…but look at him, he is cute as a button, how could I be mad!

We also found out that he likes to jump. How? Have a look!

So we got this thing!

English saddle, a.k.a. butt rag

English saddle, a.k.a. butt rag

Jumping in a western saddle…mmh, maybe not that great. It works, I know, we have tried it outside, but this is our ‘change’ part. I thought that we could learn some other stuff as well. Some jumping, some dressage, just to keep it versatile for both of us. If I am totally honest, I also think it can benefit my balance….because you really need that in those things (they call it ‘English saddle’ I have heard).

After my first ride in such a butt rag (to me is is not really a saddle, changing from a western saddle to this, it feels like you are sitting on a slightly thicker post stamp!) I had to see my chiropractor…to get my vertebrae into order again…because I had fallen off.

So, we trained and trained some more. Got the right equipment together….

The right tack...???

The right tack…???

No, wait, that wasn’t it…my bad!

The right tack!!!

Yeah, that’s more like it 🙂 And we discovered yet another interesting aspect.

We found out, that the easiest way to turn your Quarterhorse into a Pony is…correct, to just put some English tack on it! Voilà!

Well, of course we didn’t leave our roots behind us completely. We also continued with our ‘normal stuff’, like training with a chainsaw 😉

Just to proof that we are as crazy as we look! What was your last challenge ???

Let us know!

So long, folks!

Barley and I

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