Nom nom nom :D


We are now up at 50 minutes of grazing.
Best part of the day! He sometimes even lifts his head…for very brief moments. Otherwise I think he is currentlt breathing through his ears.

One thing is also very interesting to me.
For the past two weeks he was ‘actively-resting’ again. After a little accident in the box where he had apparently big trouble getting up again after he had layed down (and/or rolled…who knows, he didn’t really tell), his back was sore and we needed help from an equine therapist for some massage, chiropractic and lasertreament.

As you can imagine he has a lot of energy right now and has become quite reactive.

But as soon as he is allowed to graze, a bomb could explode beside him and wouldn’t give a damn. 😂😂😂

Anybody else still trying to make the change on to fresh grass or are we the last ones? 😎


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2 Responses to Nom nom nom :D

  1. Tracy says:

    We are still working on it! Although, I don’t have to work up quite as much as others because Miles stays on day turnout year round (versus night turnout in the summer).

  2. Barley and I says:

    Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. My horse is also turned out, at least 7 hours in the winter and in the summer he is turned out with a flock of geldings 24/7. Would like to know more about you and Miles, I think it’s always very interesting to be able to share experiences 😀

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