Time to breath and blog again!

Finally vacation time has arrived. Oh, what I have been looking forward to this, for the next few weeks I am going to breath deeply, will not hurry nor stress, will do things I haven’t done in a long time, yeah, like blogging… 😉 and will just enjoy all my little sweet moments.

Right now my DOH is watching telly, our dog is lying on the couch asleep and the cat is lying in my bed, also asleep. I made myself comfortable on the couch too, with my favorite blanket…the Swedish summer really rocks right now (yes, from time to time I enjoy a little sarchasm), a nice cup of coffe and listen to Enya.

This feels like a nice ending to a wonderful and relaxed day.

Belly full coma

Belly full coma

Now let’s see, what have we been up to?

In April we had some nasty spring storms, rug tucking storms. Another lesson learned, if the weather forecast says it’s going to blow with 25m/s (= 90km/h), make sure that the knots for the tail string are really strong (read: bomb-proof), otherwise you might find a surprise in the pasture 😉

Spring storms April 2015

Spring storms April 2015

He looks a little bit like from a commercial, he is running with the cool guys.

If you are a fashion-conscious horse, then this is the right rug for YOU! We have listened to horses and designed our rug so that it can be worn in different styles. If the sun comes out and the rug gets too warm, just follow the instructions. 1. Lay down and role, make sure to stretch so the string below the tail opens. 2. Turn your stylish butt into the direction the wind blows. Now you can wear your rug as a scarf! IMPORTANT: Safety advice! Act completely innocent in case your owner shows up!

But we also had some very nice evenings when it actually was warm enough to dare to put my breeches on and an English saddle on Barley.

Evening in paddock April 2015

Evening in paddock April 2015

Of course it’s not just riding, we even worked with the long line…

(may I just point out his nice butt? I am so proud of that butt ❤ 😀 )

Long line May 2015

Long line May 2015

We took long walks together…this is what I call them, he might call them ‘long picnics’.

Long walks (=long picnics)  June 2015

Long walks (=long picnics) June 2015

Out and about again June 2015

Out and about again June 2015

But now we are in July and July means vacation time for me and some horsy time for Barley. Even though I sometimes have a huge knot somewhere in my stomach area, I know it’s good that he can be in a herd with other horses. Even though it’s still a fact that I either have a very clumsy horse or that he is really just low in rank, or a combination of both, but he is having the most holes in his ‘all-in-one suit’. In any case, I confince myself over and over again that he is more happy this way.

I scratch your back... July 2015

I scratch your back… July 2015

And they do look happy, don’t they ❤

Allright folks, more from us during this years vacation.

Cheerio and nighty night! 🙂

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