A chipped tooth and a bloody button in the ear!

No, I have not gone mad, this is exactly what I had to discuss and deal with yesterday. You know, when things go too well for you, life knows how to get your feet back on the ground!

Last weekend during the clinic I had him turned out in a pasture a couple of hours during the day, with lots of clover in it. I just had him put back into his stall when he flehmened (not sure if this is the right form, but I hope you’ll get it 😀 ). I was standing at the sink and prepared his Mash, so I was maybe 7-8 meters away from him. I noticed something black on his teeth and thought

Great, a clover leave stuck on his teeth, the horsey equivalent to spinage between your teeth!

The next day I remembered the “clover leave” and just wanted to check if it’s gone….so I lift up his lip…and screamed out in chock. What I had seen the other day, was NOT a clover leave, but actually a broken tooth with a big whole in the shape of a clover leave.


Sweat started to form immeadiately on my forehead, I was always so proud that he had so healthy teeth and now there a is huge darn whole right in the middle of it. The panic rose up my spine, what if the root is affected and he is in pain. What happens if the tooth is so damaged that it needs to get pulled, he needs to eat…. Thoughts running through my brain while I was looking at this huge gab between his incisors.

Thankfully my trusted vet was able to have a look at him yesterday. Barley didn’t seemed to be bothered at all!!!

This is the only reason I did not get more panic attacks, he was happy as a fiddle, eating everything that I put in front of him…he even tried plum (minus the stone, of course) and seemed to love it. Crazy shrimp 😉

My vet said the same thing as my friend during our countless talks in which she tried to calm me down. Nothing serious is damaged, he is not in any pain because of the tooth, everthing is fine. Big sigh of releaf. Once again, what I thougth was a big deal was nothing at all! Great… 🙂


I also had asked her to please check out the sarcoid in Barley’s ear, because I would like to get it removed since that one does seem to bother him and I  thought it’s a good time, now that the weather is getting colder and the insects are getting less.

When I bought Barley, he already had this equine sarcoid in his right ear. For the first two years it didn’t give us any headaches. About two years ago he was turned out with another horse in the pasture and one day he came in with a bleeding ear. I guess they were playing tug-o-war and the result was an open sarcoid that was bleeding a lot.

Apparantely a sarcoid is a kind of “skin tumor” that does not spread by metastasis, but when damaged, it can spread. I used a lot of Propolis tincture on the sarcoid and it healed again.

Normally the sarcoid looked like this, kind of like the button in ear from one of those Steiff animals. Nothing to worry about. It’s in a good place, nothing in the proximity that might irritate or damage it, like in the girth area or where the halter or bridle sits.


Unfortunately this summer it started to look like this (picture below). The dry skin fell off and a bloody looking knot was on display and it is getting bigger, too. Barley got pretty irritated by flies, so I had a fly mask on him and a couple of times a week I put Propolis tincture on it, because I wanted to prevent any infection. But it happened a lot that the propolis crust fell off, too. Propably when he was shaking flies off, the sight of this bloddy “button in ear” was not so nice, so I thought, we remove it and then it’s over..


And this is were I was wrong. I had read, that you can surgically remove sarcoids, but my vet explained, that this is not the case, if the sarcoid is located in the ear. When you remove a sarcoid, you need to remove a lot of flesh to minimize the chance of its return. Since the ear is only cartilage and skin…we would need to amputate the top of his ear.


And this is were my stomach turned. This can’t be happening! I can’t amputate his ear 😦 poor thing! Fortunately there is a cream that has had great results with destroying these sarcoids and this is what we will try first. So please, hold your thumbs for Barley, that the cream will help and that we get rid of this damn thing and he will be left in peace next summer by the flies.


I am going to do a kind of documentation about our journey, so stay tuned if you are interested.



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3 Responses to A chipped tooth and a bloody button in the ear!

  1. Johanna Dunn says:

    I had good luck with the homeopathic thuja 30x. Feed for 7 days, 3 pills 2x daily with 12 hours between doses. After a week 1 of 3 fell off. I also hear a cream of thuja also works well, tho I havnt tried it yet. I also read good things about “stinky stuff” which I worked out is neem oil.

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