Doing nothing together…

Nope! That’s not all we have done for the past 13 months 🙂 We have actually been quite busy and (not going to lie to you) I didn’t have the inner peace to write about all what was going on at that time.


Doing nothing together is so much more relaxing than doing it alone!

I changed jobs in September last year and my new job is quite different to what I did before, so I concentrated on learning it as fast as I could.

And then winter came….

Honestly, I can’t even remember what last winter was like, the only thing I know is that there was not much snow but still Barley had problems with build ups in his hooves.

But finally spring came and it was warm. The grass was growing fast, although May/June had some pretty cold nights still. I was carefull not to let him go for hours in the pasture right away.


10 minutes of heaven

We started with 5 minutes for the first 5 days, 10 minutes  day 5 to 10, 15 minutes day 10 to 15,  25 minutes day 15 to 20, 1 hour day 20 to 25, 3 hours day 25 to 30. I wanted to make sure that he really gets used to the fresh grass.

He really enjoyed the hours on the grass. For the rest of the day he was banned to his old winter pasture, where I tried to give him company whenever possible. By this I mean that I grab the camping chair, put it in the middle of the pasture and sit down.


But he was not banned to be alone all the time, we decided to create the bachelor group. 2 geldings and a stallion.  See picture below, from left to right: gelding, stallion, gelding!

Yes, that little one in the middle, is the stallion and he is not so little anymore. By now I believe there are only millimeters in difference to Barley. The little terrorist is chasing Barley every day and I am not sad about that. At least he gets some excercise before he forgets about it all together :-).


The bachelors

In July they were in this pasture. They slept in the stable during the nights but got thrown out at 7am and came inside between 8-10pm.

Since the pasture is beside the road, we didn’t feel comfortable to leave them there alone during the night. Too many sick, stupid and dangerous people out there in the world.

But during the day, they had a blast.

This is the video from the first few minutes together in a pasture. Stifus, the big sorrel, and Barley have been together in a pasture before, but the stallion was a new addition.


Uncle Barley is baby sitting

Well, more to come later on 😀

Cheerio, folks!


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