Building the Bubble #5. Just Honor Them

Especially after this week I spend with Equitopia Founder Caroline Hegarty and Dr.Karin Leibbrandt with a small group of very knowledgable people, these words hit right in my heart again.

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

Some of us value horses for their physical working ability on ranches, we “use ’em hard.” Decent care, no frills. Some of us think horses were put on the earth to be spiritual healers and therapists; we use them emotionally. Some of us commit to a lifestyle, we call ourselves horsewomen and horsemen, with the accent on the first syllable. We are evolving.

Horse thought balloon: (they’re confusing. they’re confused. about who they are. who I am. some leaders are too hard. some frail, almost invisible. some are all noise. some just crowd me.  some hold fear close, others anger. some have peace. some listen. some accept me. most want to change me. feeling their expectations. anxiety. emotions. good intentions. confusion. loud. shut down or explode. it’s too much busy.  just a horse. always be just a horse

Opinion: I believe with every fiber that horses were…

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